Designing the Perfect Dorm Room
07 Aug

Designing the Perfect Dorm Room

Preparing to strike out on your own is one of the first big challenges of life. Moving out of your home and onto your college’s campus is one of the first major adventures you'll have. Yet it’s also one of the first times many students face the stressful reality of moving out on their own. We've come up with some ideas to make your transition from home to college a bit easier.

Add your own personal touch
What's the best way to make your dorm room feel like home? Adding some personal touches will keep the home sickness at bay. Adding real plants to your space can also help up your relaxation game. Head down to a local nursery and get some indoor friendly greenery to lighten up your room.

Don't forget your creature comforts
Bring some of your favorite creature comforts along - your favorite snacks, books and Netflix series might just be the medicine you need.

Decorate your room
Just because you’re sharing with someone doesn’t mean you can’t flaunt your own personal style. Hanging personal photos and memories on your wall will add colour and life to your room without you having to spend too much time or money. Mix it up and use different frames, art and photos to create a striking feature in your room. If you already have a few qualifications behind your name, you can include them in your feature wall.

Use scents 
Since scent has a large impact on how we feel, it is essential that the environment we live in smells pleasant. A diffuser is the perfect way to help you relax about the big move and to bring some familiar smells with you.

Use lighting
Light is hands-down the most important part of the room. Most dorms have minimal natural light and unflattering fluorescent bulbs that immediately make a room less inviting. Adding a warm light to your room will soften the space, making you feel right at home.

A rug makes a huge difference in a dorm room, warming up the space and providing another source of light, brightening colours. Go with a neutral colour that compliment the rest of your look.

It's time to take that brave first step into the real world.