How To Decorate Your Kids Room In Style
14 Apr

How To Decorate Your Kids Room In Style

Children are born inquisitive and as parents, it's up to us to nurture their curiosity by letting them explore, question their environment and use their imaginations.  It's such a magical time in their lives where everything seems possible and life is an endless adventure.  Decorating your kids bedroom is a great way to help them explore, play and discover their environment.  It takes a balance of childlike imagination with some adult practicality.  By keeping the decor simple, you can create more space for play and you'll be able to update it more easily as they grow older.  Here are our top tips for creating a room your kids will grow into and love. 

Keep things at their height

Keep the room design practical and uncluttered.  Shelves and storage units are great ways to keep the toy clutter at bay and to make things easy to reach.  

Kids are collectors, so make collecting easy

Kids love collecting things - whether it's a shell from the beach or a weirdly shaped leaf they found while playing outside.  These things are linked to memories, so create a special place in their room where they can store their collections.

Frame their art and special family snaps

We are always looking for fun ways to display the kids artwork - especially when the fridge doors have been filled.  Choose a wall in their room to showcase their works of art using frames that you can easily interchange or update.  Use fun, colourful photo frames that tie into the rest of the decor.

Whatever you do, choose bright colours, functional furniture and add an element of fun.