Our Top 5 Can't-Miss Baby Moments
19 Jun

Our Top 5 Can't-Miss Baby Moments

Baby’s first year is full of so many milestones and memories. You may feel like you try so hard to capture them all, snapping photos every chance that you get - and it's likely something that makes you smile when looking back on them.  From the first smile to their deliciously first "real" meal, be sure to capture these special moments.    

The first mama and baby shot

It's hard to describe those first precious moments after baby gets handed to you. You've probably imagined this moment since you found out you were pregnant.  Let's face it, you've been waiting 9 long months to meet your little one. Make sure there's someone on hand to capture your fist mama and baby shot - something you'll treasure forever.  

Meeting their siblings

Meet your new brother or sister can be a sweet experience. Capturing their first reaction, excitement, interest and even confusion can make for unforgettable memories.

Sleeping baby

Who can resist watching your baby sleep? As a new parent, few things compare to when you finally get baby to drift off to sleep.  It's a moment where you can breathe and relax (and possibly catch some shut-eye).  But before you sneak off, make sure to take a couple of shots.  

Early smiles

When your baby flashes you a smile for the first time, it's an amazing feeling. You're probably making weird noises, taking in baby language and pulling faces, but when they give their little grin back to you -  its all worth it! Have your camera on hand at all times so you'r ready to capture those early smiles.   

Bubbling laughter 

We all remember the first time we heard a baby laugh - a kind of high-pitched squeal that ramps up.. It can be from a ticket in the right spot, from a game of peek-a-boo or just from a funny look.   It's infectious, and you can't help but smile when little ones giggle.

While their major milestones and special days will be remembered for years to come, try and add photos to your wall of the little moments that you're likely to forget.