What 2020 Taught Us About Travelling
02 Jan

What 2020 Taught Us About Travelling

Life has changed, immeasurably.  During the Covid-19 pandemic, our priorities shifted, we gained new perspectives and many of us found a balance we so often longed for before 2020 hit.  Less time spent in gridlock traffic, more time with our families and a bit more time to do what was important to us.  Our normal changed.  For the first time, many of us could work in our pyjamas (camera off of course) and instead of commuting to the office each day, could work wherever we had good wifi and coffee.  

For the travelling bugs out there, lockdowns across the globe put a stop to new adventures.  No more early morning flights, drinking coffee in airport lounges waiting for your flight to get called or the loud thud of the plane landing. Before 2020, travelling was an 'everyday' privilege we took for granted. Now, it's something we long for.  It's only when everything we once took for granted disappears that we realise how great it really was.

We miss the freedom travel afforded us, the culmination of months of planning, saving, researching and dreaming.  We miss our senses being awakened by unknown smells, changing landscapes and the rhythm of another culture. What you wouldn't do for a plate of street food right now, sitting still for 14 hours in a plane on your way to your next destination or making memories we can't wait to tell everyone at home.

For now, our travel plans will have to wait but hopefully soon we'll be able to dust our passports off, ready to catch the next flight.